Clackamas Commuter Living.


Program Location Phone Email
ABE/GED/High School Diploma Dye Learning Center 503-594-3395
Academic Computer Lab Streeter Hall 503-594-3070
ACT-On 503-594-6187
Admissions, Registration and Records Rook Hall 503-594-6100
Admissions and Recruitment/Welcome Center Rook Hall 503-594-3284
Advanced College Credit Community Center 503-594-3208
Advising Services Community Center 503-594-3475
Apprenticeship Training Center 503-594-3031
Art Art Center 503-594-3034
Athletics Randall Hall 503-594-3043
Automotive Barlow Hall 503-594-3047
Bookstore — Oregon City Campus McLoughlin Hall 503-594-6500
Bookstore — Harmony Campus Harmony Campus 503-594-0647
Business Administration Streeter Hall 503-594-3071
Business Development Center Harmony Campus: OIT Building 503-594-0738
Campus Safety Office McLoughlin Hall 503-594-6234/6650
Child Care Center Family Resource Center 503-657-9795
Campus Tours Community Center 503-594-6249
Communication Studies Niemeyer Center 503-594-3337
Community Education Harmony Campus 503-594-0628
Computer Lab – Open Streeter Hall 503-594-6632
Computer Lab - Tutoring Dye Learning Center 503-594-6632
Computer Science Streeter Hall 503-594-3071
Cooperative Work Experience Community Center 503-594-3511
Cougar Station Cafeteria/Food Service Community Center 503-594-6091
Counseling Services Community Center 503-594-3475
Criminal Justice/Emergency Management DeJardin Hall 503-594-3203
Customized Training and Development DeJardin Hall 503-594-3200
Digital Multimedia Communications Art Center 503-594-3034
Disability Resource Center Community Center 503-594-3181
Distance Learning McLoughlin Hall 503-594-6310
Education Program/ECE DeJardin Hall 503-594-3203
Electronics and Microelectronics Barlow Hall 503-594-3318
Energy and Utility Resource Management Wilsonville Campus 503-594-0942
Engineering Pauling Center 503-594-3345
English Rook Hall 503-594-3254
English as a Second Language Dye Learning Center 503-594-3234
Enrollment Services Center Rook Hall 503-594-6100
Environmental Learning Center Environmental Learning Center 503-594-3696
Environmental Safety and Health Training Center 503-594-3064
Financial Aid Rook Hall 503-594-6100
Fire Science (Wildland Fire) Training Center 503-594-3064
Foreign Language McLoughlin Hall 503-594-3403
Foundation Barlow Hall 503-594-3131
General Education Development (GED) 503-594-3233
Gerontology DeJardin Hall 503-594-3207
GIS Barlow Hall 503-594-3318
Harmony Campus Advising Harmony Campus 503-594-0623 and 503-594-0625
Harmony Campus Information Harmony Campus 503-594-0620
Harmony Campus Registration Harmony Campus 503-594-0620
Harmony Campus Testing Harmony Campus 503-594-0636
Health Sciences Harmony Campus 503-594-0650
High School Partnerships Community Center 503-594-3208
Horticulture/Landscape/Urban Agriculture Clairmont Hall 503-594-3292
Human Resources/Employment Opportunity Barlow Hall 503-594-3458
Human Services DeJardin Hall 503-594-3207
Information Technology Services Barlow Hall 503-594-3500
Journalism 503-594-3261
Life and Career Options Barlow Hall 503-594-3186
Library: Circulation and Reserves Dye Learning Center 503-594-6323
Library: Reference and Information Dye Learning Center 503-594-6042
Manufacturing Technology Barlow Hall 503-594-3318
Math Streeter Hall 503-594-3395
Music Niemeyer Center 503-594-3337
Nursing Niemeyer Center 503-594-0650
Physical Education Randall Hall 503-594-3043
Public Affairs Barlow Hall 503-594-3017
Renewable Energy Technology Barlow Hall 503-594-3318
Scholarships Rook Hall 503-594-3421
Science Pauling Center 503-594-3345
Social Sciences McLoughlin Hall 503-594-3403
Speech Niemeyer Center 503-594-3337
Student Accounts Rook Hall 503-594-6100
Student Government (ASG) Community Center 503-594-3040
Student Helpdesk 503-594-3100
Student Life and Leadership Community Center 503-594-3040
Student Recruitment Rook Hall 503-594-3284
Student Support Services Community Center 503-594-3475
Technical Career Programs Barlow Hall 503-594-3441
Testing/Assessment Center Rook Hall 503-594-3283
Theater Niemeyer Center 503-594-3153
Transcripts and Student Records 503-594-6100
Tutoring Services Dye Learning Center 503-594-6191
Veterans Education and Training Center Community Center 503-594-3438
Water and Environmental Technology Pauling Center 503-594-3345
Welcome Center (Admissions and Recruitment) Rook Hall 503-594-3284
Welding Technology Training Center 503-594-3064
Wilsonville Campus Advising Wilsonville Campus 503-594-0959
Wilsonville Campus Information Wilsonville Campus 503-594-0940
Wilsonville Campus Registration Wilsonville Campus 503-594-0940
Wilsonville Campus Testing Wilsonville Campus 503-594-0944/0940
Workforce Development Services Family Resource Center 503-594-6246
Writing Center McLoughlin Hall 503-594-6275

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